NAMARUPA Issuse 10 Vol.05

For those still unfamiliar, NAMRUPA is a Internet magazine (with the option for print on demand) featuring well written articles and beautiful photography related to all varieties of Indian thought and culture. Of all the yoga related publications I’ve come across, NAMARUPA stands out as one of the most interesting and authentic. The latest issue (issue 10 volume 5) features a review of Radhanath Swami’s book The Journey Home by Rachael Stark, an article about the Polish humanitarian and Hindu Swami Maurice Frydman by Abdi Assadi and a National Geographic article from December 1905 entitled “The Parsees & The Tower of Silence at Bombay”. To go directly to the article about The Journey Home click here, although I would encourage everyone to visit the home page to peruse all of their issues and consider subscribing. In this month’s issue the article about Radhanath Swami and the National Geographic article are both free downloads.

Kaustubha das






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    Hare Krishna Maharaj,
    Very nice – thank you.
    Pranaams to all in Mumbai
    Om Om