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A short announcement: NAMARUPA magazine issue number 7 was recently released.

For those unfamiliar, NAMARUPA, Categories of Indian Thought is a bi-yearly, beautifully produced magazine covering Indian philosophy and culture. In each issue, co-producers Robert Moses and Eddie Stern bring together a collection of deeply engaging articles along with exceptional art and photography.

This issue’s cover story is photographer Paul Saltzman’s narration of his time in Rishikesh with the Beatles. Pushti-marg scholar Shyam das presents two articles: an interview with H.H. Shri Prathameshji, the head of the first seat of the Vallabha Sampradaya, and a short biography of the 16th century poet-saint Rasakan with translated excerpts from his works. Four articles on the Bhagavad-gita are presented, including one each from Bhakti Collective contributing writers Paul Sherbow and Graham M. Schweig. Also included is a fascinating account of the annual pilgrimage to the holy-town of Pandharpur by Graham Bond.

To see a complete list of articles or to order a copy, follow the link below.

Kaustubha das


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  1. Thanks for providing the link. I saw Namarupa’s issue with the Beatles on the cover last night. Amazing-
    Hari Om.