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Kaustubha das

New York Times reviews “Neti-Neti”

The New York Times reviews the art show “Neti-Neti (not this, not this)”, at Chelsea gallery Bose Pacia, which includes the photography of Bhakti Collective contributor Michael Bühler-Rose. [Kd]

Kaustubha das

Dow`s tryst with a sacred river

Business Standard, in an article entitled “Dow`s Tryst with a Sacred River“, reports on how Dow Chemical’s $100-million R&D project has come into conflict with the Varkaris, followers of Saint Tukaram. [Kd]

Kaustubha das

Episcopal Christians Apologize

Episcopal Christians apologize to Hindus for discrimination and proselytization: from Rediff India Abroad. [Kd]

Kaustubha das


The Hindu reviews T. Sriraman’s translation of Indira Parthasarathy’s Tamil drama Ramanujar, The Life and Ideas of Ramanuja, recently published by Oxford University Press. [Kd]

Kaustubha das

Dharma Investments

Dow Jones Indexes and Dharma Investments to Launch New Faith-based Indexes to measure the performance of companies selected according to the value systems and principles of Dharmic religions: from PrimeNewswire. [Kd]

Kaustubha das


Smithsonian Magazine reports on the battle Indian environmentalists are fighting to clean the Ganges. [Kd]

Kaustubha das

SAJA on Vrindavan Widows

Arun Venugopal of the South Asian Journalists Association writes about generalizations and questionable assertions in CNN’s coverage of the plight of Vrindavan’s widows. [Kd]

Kaustubha das

Book Review – God is not Great

In this review, chair of Boston University’s religion department, Stephen Prothero casts an interesting light on the methods Christopher Hitchens uses to communicate his frustration with theistic thinking and the influence it has on society in his book God is not Great: from The Washington Post. [Kd]

Kaustubha das


Alex Chadwick has done a beautiful piece on Vrindavan for NPR’s Geography of Heaven series. [Kd]

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