Feeling Separation from Krishna

yugayitam nimesena caksusa pravrsayitm sunyayitam jagat sarvam govinda-virahena me “O Govinda! Feeling Your separation, a moment feels like twelve years or more. Tears are flowing from my eyes like torrents of rain, and I am feeling all vacant in the world in Your absence.’ (Sri Siksastaka, Verse 7) Inspirations For devotees of Krishna, the world […]

Leaving the Noise of the Ten Thousand Little Things

The Art of “Retreating” In this retreat I would like to go deep into myself, leaving all the different layers behind. I know that deep down in the very bottom of my heart a treasure is waiting for me. I can find it by the process of “spiritual archaeology.” I feel that this treasure will […]

Five Lessons from a Pencil

When I was walking today, on the Island Mali Losinj, I felt my mind reach out over the blue sea to an island shimmering in the distance. When my mind returned, it brought a story with it, a story of spiritual instruction. Strange are the ways of inspiration. Here is the story: When Mohan returned […]